Sunday, August 22, 2010

Start a Small Revolution.

   Hello everyone. Today I had a brilliant idea. Tomorrow I am going to search my book shelf for one amazing book, whichever that one may be, and I am going to leave it somewhere. Anywhere. I'm not sure yet, maybe I'll leave it on a park bench or in a restaurant.
   I'm going to put a note in it, telling the lucky finder how much I love my book and that I have left it there for them to discover the joy of it as well. I will also add that, when they are done, they should leave it somewhere for someone else to read it, and maybe they can put their own note in it and spread the joy of reading and discovering.
   I would like the entire world to partake in my adventure by leaving their own books wherever they like for others to find. I'm putting this blog on stumbleupon and telling everyone I know. If you like this idea go ahead and join the Leave-a-Book revolution.
   And if you leave a book somewhere I would love to hear about it and how you felt about it so go ahead and contact me. Or contact me for any other reason.

The revolution starts tomorrow, don't forget to join in the fun and let your friends in ot it too.


D_radams said...

I love this idea because someone left a book in a prison cell I was in years ago.

That little book changed everything. We read it aloud to each other and lifted our spirits.

I have since left books in airports when I finish my trip book.

I'm in!! Can't wait to go look for the next book & place to leave it.


Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd point out you've got a typo in your header, "Leaving Book's all over the place". There shouldn't be an apostrophe in "Books."

Otherwise, cool idea ;)

JimInEngland said...

Just thought I'd point out that you actually have four typos in your header, and inconsistent formatting. No capital letter on "Book's", no apostophe in "book's", only one 'p' in "supper", and your choice of '.' or '!' after "fun", so:
Leaving Book's all over the place. Try it! It's supper fun
Leaving books all over the place. Try it! It's super fun!

Also, in this post, for formatting consistency,
Start a Small Revolution
should be
Start A Small Revolution
given that Leave A Book has a capital 'A',

Hello Everyone.
should be
Hello everyone.
or at a pinch
Hello everyone!

Today I had A brilliant idea.
should be
Today I had a brilliant idea.

... book whichever one that may be and ...
... book, whichever one that may be, and ...
because it's just better that way, and reads better.

... joy of it also.
would read better as
... joy of it as well.

... that when they are done they ...
goes to
... that, when they are done, they ...
for the same reason as above.

... read it. Maybe they can put ...
... read, and maybe they could put ...
see above.

... by leaving thier own books ...
should be
... by leaving their own books ...

How amazing right?
should be removed altogether, because it breaks the flow, but if you're desperate to keep it, make it
How amazing, right?
as the first section isn't a question, so a break helps.

... this blog on stumble and telling ...
should be
... this blog on stumbleupon and telling ...
because that is its name.

So ... know. So ... Revolution.
just sounds awkward. Take out one (or both) of the 'So's.

... Leave a Book Revolution.
should be
... Leave-A-Book Revolution.
because... well, it should, but it's 1am and I can't justify it properly right now, so I'm not going to at all. Suffice it to say that Leave-A-Book is how it should be referred to when used as an adjective (as it is in this case).
See also - your profile.

... your friend's in ot it too.
should, finally, be
... your friends in on it too.
incorrect apostrophe and typo.

While, admittedly, many of these 'corrections' are purely cosmetic, some are necessary, so please take the time to make them, and your blog will be better for it.


PS. Love the idea.

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea, but this isn't at all original. You may have come up with the idea on your own, but it's by no means a new concept.

Anonymous said... come up with a idea which is positive and that can make a difference to others and is totally unselfish and these people focus on everything but the idea.....sad. I believe the world needs more ideas like yours which creates a selfless sense of community so needed today. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What's with you people correcting grammar and spelling......................seriously.
I think it's a great idea

Anonymous said...

i think it's a fantastic idea and suddenly finding a good book with a little note would make my day!